Institutional Accounts

EFXglobal offers an effective solution through our partnerships for institutional and high volume clients seeking direct access to leading market and dark pool liquidity without relying on external front end applications. FIX is the leading protocol for fast messaging, direct connectivity and trading in the financial markets.

Our FIX API provides multi bank pricing via a FIX 4.4 protocol. Our gateway will allow you to execute trades and place orders rapidly while displaying full depth of book at a competitive volume based fee.

The minimum account balance required is USD 250,000 with a USD 200 million minimum trading volume. Additional setup and monthly costs are also required. To avoid any inferior configurations, we only now provide the institutional grade FIX solution.

The FIX API was designed to transfer massive amounts of information at high frequency without the use of an intermediary application or software. Before a live deployment, conformance testing and simulation will be carried out in our test environment with full functionality and extended protocols for automatic notifications.

Advantages of using the FIX API

Brokerages: Receive the best prices from leading and dark pool liquidity to execute your clients orders.

Hedge funds: Execute strategies with ultra low latency and full anonymity.
Institutional traders: Develop proprietary systems to open and close trades from multiple accounts.

Algorithmic Trading: Execute advanced trading robots and black box algorithms with simultaneous information from multiple sources.

Trade Replication: Automatically copy trades on multiple accounts across multiple brokers.

The FIX API offers ultra low latency leading to improved fill rates for a larger range of order types. If you are serious about trading, call us and the team of advanced programmers at EFXglobal will implement a tried and tested solution for you with the help of our technology partners.