Trade Indices with Superior Trading Conditions at EFXglobal

EFXglobal offers quick and easy CFD trading on popular stock indices. Stock indices, also referred to as equity indices, represent the overall price of a basket of underlying stocks and give a representation of the overall picture of the stock market as they consist of the largest market capitalization companies in the industry sector that their basket belongs to. During any trading session, a stock index will move up or down based on the overall mathematical formula of which each stock price contributes to the indices final price. Not all stocks that add up in the basket are treated as equal and the overall price of a stock index is not a simple addition of the prices of the stocks and a division by the number of stocks, instead more weight is given to the index from companies with larger capitalization. This means that if the stock of a specific large company falls for any reason, the overall index will follow it even though the rest of the stocks in the basket might not be falling. In general indices show a benchmark of performance of the overall stock market with historical value, however the underlying stocks that belong to the basket may change over time.

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When trading indices at EFXglobal, long positions are charged with the current interbank rate plus an additional mark up and short positions incur the current interbank rate minus the mark up. Swap rates are calculated according to the indices currency’s current interbank rate and a three day swap is calculated on positions from 00:00 GMT from Wednesday to Thursday. Please note that stock index CFD’s are not for physical delivery and are not subject to any voting rights of the underlying stocks that represent the basket. EFXglobal may change margin requirements for indices before earnings announcements or any corporate actions.

The margin requirement for stock index CFD’s is not based on the leverage of your trading account, instead it is calculated according to the following: (Lots) x (Contract Size) x (Opening Price) x (Margin Percentage)

Certain stock index CFD’s may be subject to dividend adjustments and paid into the trading accounts of clients who hold a buy position calculated as follows: (Index Dividend Declared) x (Position Size in Lots) = Dividend Adjustment. Sell trades are charged an amount as calculated by: (Index Dividend Declared) x (Position Size in Lots) = Dividend Adjustment. CFDs on future indices are not subject to dividend adjustments.