Institutional Accounts

EFXglobal offers institutional accounts for licensed entities seeking a solution for access to an extended range of trading instruments and liquidity venues.

Our industry leading technology and customizable trading platforms allow professionals the opportunity to open a corporate account and take advantage of direct cross connections to liquidity venEFXglobal has the knowledge and capacity with our industry partners to offer a range of trading and market solutions to banks, money managers and hedge funds. Our unparalleled levels of service and knowledge allow us to understand your goals and employ a secure and stable solution to meet all of your technological, compliance and liquidity requirements in a cost effective manner that is both manageable and scalable for your enterprise.

Contact our corporate accounts division today and our institutional managers will arrange a personal meeting to understand your organizations goals. Our enterprise level solutions offer the highest level of security with the latest technology in a stand alone environment for you to operate with as much or as little operational support you require.

Contact us at for further inquires.