Trade Precious Metals with Superior Trading Conditions at EFXglobal

EFXglobal gives you access to trade various precious metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, silver and copper with deep liquidity and instant execution. Metals are traded as a pair against a currency (USD) and units of the metals are measured in troy ounces. EFXglobal offers limited flexible leverage to trade in precious metal CFD’s on EFX Global platform allowing you to take a larger position with a smaller investment. In the click of a button you can take advantage of small price movements and experience instant execution with straight through processing on high volume precious metal derivatives.

Precious metals are a key driver in markets worldwide and sentiment is interwoven with the trade of currencies and with the financial markets in general. Precious metals are valuable due to their rarity and difficulty to locate and extract. Precious metals such as gold and silver were historically important as a currency or a store of value and a medium of exchange, however they are now regarded mainly as investment and industrial commodities. Certain precious metals also serve as a means of portfolio diversification and risk management in times of economic or political uncertainty of inflation.

When you trade precious metal CFD’s (contract for difference) at EFXglobal, you don’t actually buy the metal itself or take possession of it, but instead execute a contract for the difference in value between your entry and exit price of the metal.

No Account Fees

Flexible Leverage up to Offered

No Requotes or Rejections

24 hours a Day / 5 Days a Week

Trading Platform on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet

Instrument Name Minimum Price Fluctuation ECN Spreads As Low As Contract Size (1 lot) Margin Percentage
Copper 0.001 2 100 3 %
Gold 0.01 0.4 100 oz 4 %
Platinum 0.10000 3 10 oz 3 %
Palladium 0.10000 4 10 oz 3 %
Silver 0.001 0.040 5000 oz 4 %

When trading precious metal CFD’s at EFXglobal, the margin requirement for is not based on the leverage of your trading account, instead it is calculated according to the following: (Lots) x (Contract Size) x (Opening Price) x (Margin Percentage). When you leave a precious metal trading position open for the next trading session, you would pay or obtain the current interbank rate of the currency in the pair minus the mark up. Swap rates are calculated according to the automatically converted into the deposit currency of your account and a three day swap is calculated on positions from 00:00 GMT from Wednesday to Thursday. Copper has no financing cost (swap). Please note that EFXglobal may change margin requirements due to economic events.